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20 Free Online Learning Tools and Courses

posted by admin on July 7th, 2009

There is no limit to what can be learned online. There are millions of websites dedicated to providing educational materials to students, educators, and self-learners around the world. Here are 20 sites in particular that provide useful learning tools and free online courses.

Free Online Learning Tools

Read Print - This free online library features thousands of novels, poems, plays, essays, and short stories by nearly 4,000 authors. The books are easy to read online and free to everyone — no registration or download required.

SparkNotes - There are so many different things that can be learned on SparkNotes for free that is it hard to cover them all in just a few brief sentences. The site’s most useful features include free literature study guides, condensed college texts, and a searchable grammar database.

Schmoop - Schmoop is a new site dedicated to online learning. The site offers easy-to-read literature, poetry, and history study guides written by Ph.D. and masters students from top universities. - The official website of the History Channel is a great place to learn about U.S. and world history. The site offers a classroom and community section, as well as videos, timelines, and text on various subjects.

Livemocha - Easily the most popular language learning site on the web, Livemocha is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language. Users can learn at their own pace and connect with language partners around the world.

Mathway - Mathway is an excellent tool for anyone that struggles with math. This free web app can solve and graph math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus problems.

Dynamic Periodic Table - This interactive periodic table is great for students and chemistry enthusiasts. The table includes basic information about elements and clickable boxes that open a corresponding Wikipedia article in a new window.

NASA Education - To help engage people in NASA’s mission, the space program offers a special
education section in their site for students, educators, and curious parties. The section includes articles, videos, and other learning materials.

Planet Photoshop - This site is excellent for anyone who wants to learn how to create or edit digital art using the Photoshop program. Planet Photoshop offers tutorials, a forum, and many other learning resources.

Flashcard Exchange - Flashcard Exchange is the world’s largest flashcard library. Site visitors can
study flashcards made by other people online or use the web-based program to create their own printable cards.

Free Online Courses

Medical Terminology Course - This free College of Eastern Utah course teaches students about medical terminology and abbreviations. The course is designed for nurses but would be useful to anyone who wants to learn basic medical terminology.

Nutrition Course - Western Governors University offers a comprehensive nutrition course with seven
self-study modules. The course includes recommended reading, activities and more.

General Biology Course - This UC Berkeley biology course includes audio and video lectures
that were recorded in the classroom. The course includes more than 40 lectures in all.

Organic Chemistry - The University of Boston - Massachusetts offers a great science course that introduces students to organic chemistry. The free course includes lectures, exams, and other study materials.

Introduction to Business - Kaplan University’s free online course introduces students to various aspects of business, such as accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management, and human resources.

Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning - This finance course from the University of California - Irvine covers a wide range of personal financial planning, including financial goals, taxation, insurance, investing, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming - MIT’s free computer science course introduces students to programming and other topics through lectures, assignments, and exams. The course is designed for students with no programming experience.

HTML Course - This Utah State University courses teaches students how to create web pages using
HTML. The course also covers topics like accessible websites, Java Script, and FTP.

French Course - Carnegie Mellon offers two free French courses for independent learners. Each course includes 15 self-guided lessons.

Start Writing Fiction - This Open University course is perfect for people who are interested in fiction writing. The course covers topics like character and setting and takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

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