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11 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Help You Graduate Sooner

posted by Peter on December 30th, 2008

These common New Year’s resolutions will not only make you a little healthier and more alive, they can give you the push you need toward that degree in, uh, hydroponics. Really?  And to make this list that much more awesomer, we’re tossing in 1 extra recommendation free of charge…

Get up an hour earlier. You’d be surprised how much you can get done, and how little you’ll miss the extra mattress time. Plus, according to the Dartmouth academic skills center, an hour of studying during daylight is worth 2 hours at night. Woo-hoo!

Set and follow a schedule. ADPRIMA says making a schedule to accommodate your daily tasks and following it religiously can keep you on track, so you can use your time wisely and do the things you need to do. Like glue plastic action figures onto the hood of your car.

Work out. According to Associated Content, exercise is the best way to build mental clarity, as well as maintain a positive attitude and good energy levels. Plus, you can meet sporty chicks and hot guys who can, uh, help you with your homework.

Start paying off college loans early. Ok, it won’t help you graduate early, but it will certainly feel better to graduate knowing you’re already shoving off the load of debt most college grads are in. says the best motivation for paying off college loans early is to realize how much they’re costing you. For example, a $28,000 loan paid off over 20 years costs you $7,000 in interest. That’s $7,000 that could have been spent on golf shirts and thigh-high khaki shorts when you’re 20 years older. And that’s a crying shame.

Start that online class. says online MBAs are cheaper, more accessible, and more schedule-convenient than traditional MBAs. We can comfortably assume this of most online degrees, and as we’ve discussed before, online degrees are steadily becoming more popular with employers. Plus, campuses have mosquitoes and such.

De-stress your online regimen. Discovery Health points out some ways to beat stress, most of which can be accomplished online. For example, it’s easy to give yourself an online news blackout by reading only fun Web sites, relaxation can be accomplished through soothing music on LimeWire, and laughing can be done by reading online humor sites, or your less educated friends’ resumes.

Spend more time with (smart) friends. Besides the destraction-oozing mental wastelands of Myspace and Facebook, you can interact more with educated, enlightened people by making use of education-oriented online forums like these. Yeah, we like linking to that one.

Drink less. Info published by Virginia Tech points out rather obviously that hangovers result in reduced brain capacity for concentration, aka studying. Less obvious is the fact that over the long term, alcohol can also damage connections between nerve cells, effectively braining your damage.

Eat healthier. The Diet Channel, which is apparently run by your mother, says foods like egg yolk, kidney beans, cranberries and sweet potatoes contain valuable nutrients that help boost and maintain brain function. It also says to clean your room and be home by midnight.

Stop smoking. Smoking damages, among other things, the part of the brain that controls REM sleep, says Lack of REM sleep radically diminishes your brain’s ability to function normally, and has actually been used as a form of torture. Was that too preachy?

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  • MBlake

    Good list of resolutions. quitting smoking and eating healthy has done wonders for my ability to focus in school, and waking up earlier gives you more time to get things done in every forum, not just school.

  • Online Book Shop

    Nice list. I like the list…