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101 Facebook Apps for Students

posted by Mark on April 23rd, 2009

facebookcap3No matter what stage of the education process you’re at, there’s a Facebook application that purports to help you. Here are 101 that could theoretically help you get your learn on — or at least divert your attention away from your D-plus average. As with all Facebook apps, there’s no guarantee that they’ll all work properly (in fact, we pretty much guarantee that they WON’T all work properly), but you’re sure to find some that are at least worth a shot.

Test Prep:

Choosing a School:

Narrow Down Your Choices:

  • Bible College Directory: A searchable database of accredited bible colleges in North America.
  • Check My Campus: An online community that allows college students to share photos and videos of campus life with high school students looking at colleges.
  • College Prowler: Research colleges and share your experience with friends.
  • College Toolkit: Search for schools, test your college IQ, and see others interested in the same colleges.
  • Connect at College: Connect with other Facebook users trying to find a college and those who’ve been to college who can give insight into their school.
  • Gradzilla: Uses data from U.S.News & World Report’s listing of best graduate schools and colleges to offer you information on disciplines, location, and school contact information for applying.
  • SkoolPool: Talk about colleges with your friends and classmates.
  • What College Best Suits Your Personality?: Do you belong at a small or large school? An institute of higher learning or a party school? This quiz will let you know.


  • AcceptEdge - College Admissions: Show where you’ve applied, and see where your friends are getting in. Find out your chances of being accepted at hundreds of schools.
  • College Admission Predictions: Discover your admissions chances, and compare your stats to other college applicants.
  • College: The Numbers: Input your test scores and GPA and see how you compare against other students applying to the same schools as you.
  • My College Apps: Track, share and discuss your college application experience.

Paying for School:


Find a Place to Live:

  • Cribs4Students: Search and post for apartments, rooms and sublets near colleges and universities.
  • MyNewPlace: Search for an apartment or home, and see what your friends think about the places you like.
  • Roomster: Search apartments, roommates and sublets in the US, Canada and the UK.

Find Stuff to Buy:

  • iList: A classifieds service allowing you to post a listing and promote it across your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, FriendFeed, Pownce and Craigslist accounts.
  • Marketplace: Marketplace powered by classifieds.

Classes, Majors and Grades:

Pick Classes:

Choose a Major:

Buying Books:

  • BookMooch: Swap books with other BookMooch users.
  • Cheap Textbooks: This app compares textbook prices at your school and on dozens of websites to find the lowest prices.
  • DormTrader: A marketplace to help you find the best prices for textbooks on campus and online.
  • School Soup Book Search: Book search and price comparison tool.

Manage Classes:

  • Courses: Check out who’s in your classes, let your friends see your course schedule on your profile and create study groups.
  • Courses 2.0: Display your class schedule, look at your friends’ schedules, and see who will be in your classes.


  • CampusBuddy Courses: See official grade distributions, rate professors, see who’s in your classes, who lives close to you and who likes hang out where you do.
  • View the current and past grade breakdown and average GPA for every class and professor, review professors and share old tests and study guides.
  • Veechi Classes: See grade distribution and enrollment charts and student ratings and reviews for classes and instructors.
Rate Faculty:



  • Flashcards: Create virtual flashcards tailored to your subject.
  • Make a Quiz!: Create quizzes to test yourself and your study partners.
  • Quiz Monster: Prepare for exams by creating quizzes.

Online Communities:

  • Ask a Teacher: A community of teachers and professors to answer your questions.
  • Course Hero: An open online study community for students, teachers and self-learners to publish and view academic resources online: outlines, solutions, study guides, exams, presentations, notes, formula sheets, essays and other works.
  • CourseFeed: A virtual classroom with free and open courses from colleges and universities.
  • Sclipo: A social learning network to learn, teach and connect with people with common educational interests.
  • Supercool School: A social learning network where users participate in live and interactive online classes.

Group Work:

  • File Folder: Store files online, and share them with your friends on Facebook without worrying about email attachments or inbox storage limits.
  • My Documents: Upload your homework, resume, photos or any type of file to share with friends.
  • SlideShare: A community for sharing presentations where you can upload your own PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Keynote or PDF files and view presentations shared by others.
  • Study Groups: Collaborate with your classmates, and plan out homework for your courses. Create to-do lists, discuss assignments, set up meeting times, work on group projects, prepare for tests and share notes online.

Classroom Tools:

  • Box files: Provides 1 GB of free online storage, where you can store files in various formats.
  • Calculator: A functional calculator app.
  • CiteMe: Formats bibliographic citations in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA or Turabian style.
  • Dictionary: Use this dictionary like, well, a dictionary.
  • DoResearch4me: Put notes or a draft of a term paper into the box, and this service supposedly does the research for you.
  • Google Docs: Monitor your Google Docs from within Facebook.
  • Google Translate: Get help in language classes with this app that translates Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Korean, Czech, Croatian, Hebrew, Swedish, Turkish, Thai and more.
  • Language Exchange: Connect with language exchange partners teaching more than 70 languages, with lessons managed through your Facebook profile.
  • Learn 10: Daily content designed to help you learn one of 20 different languages.
  • LibGuides: Access content from your library within Facebook. View research guides related to your courses, chat with reference librarians, or search the library catalog.
  • Planetarium: Explore the stars and planets through your web browser.
  • Typing Speed Measure your current typing speed, and practice to get faster while competing with friends.
  • Vocabulary: An online audio-show that teaches you two words per show.

Keeping Track:


  • Calendar: Your personal calendar and to-do list for facebook. Share all or part of your schedule.
  • fbCal: Generates iCalendar (.ics) files of your friends’ birthday and Facebook events for use with iCal, Sunbird, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Weekly Schedule: Allows you to post a graphical display of your courses or other weekly activities for all your friends to see.

To Do List:

  • Task Master: To-do list manager with color-coded tasks, due dates, sorting, filters and task sharing with friends.
  • To Do List: Helps you organize, tag and color-code all of your tasks and errands.


School Pride:

  • College Rivalries: Support your favorite college teams by taunting your rivals.
  • College SuperFans: Show your school spirit by adding your favorite college logo to your Facebook page.
  • High School: Represent your high school by adding crews of your friends, following your sports teams and clubs and voting for your friends in class polls.
  • High School Teams: Show off your high school teams on Facebook.
  • School Pride: Tell your friends why your school/college is #1.


  • Eye To Eye: One-on-one video chat with your friends.
  • The Greek Community: Add yourself to the local chapter of your fraternity or sorority, put a crest on your profile and network with members around the world.
  • Messenger: Connect with your friends through Windows Live Messenger from your Facebook profile.
  • MoochSpot: Forgot how much you owe from that last group dinner? MoochSpot helps you and your friends track expenses.
  • Party Line: Initiate a conference call, adding voice to social networking.
  • Pubs Clubs and Events: Create gatherings and parties to share with your friends.
  • Questions: Which of your friends wants to go out tonight? Create a question to find out.
  • Twitter: See what your friends are up to on Twitter, right from Facebook.
  • Finding a Job:

    Choose a Career:


    • Captain Resume: Display your resume, objective and skill tags in your profile.
    • PortfolioJoe: Send out your portfolio of projects to potential employers, including project descriptions, images, videos and more.
    • Professional Profile: Create a professional profile on Facebook. Upload your resume or import your LinkedIn profile.


    Search for a Job:

    • Arts Jobs: Find job openings in the arts community.
    • Jobs: Search thousands of open jobs, directly from employers. Find jobs where your friends work, and see what jobs your friends are interested in.
    • Jobs Indeed: Search millions of jobs from thousands of job sites and company career pages, powered by
    • Jobster Career Network: Search for jobs, get personalized job alerts based on your career interests and post your resume online.

    Job Networking:

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