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Online Network Administration Degree Programs

Network Administration Online Bachelor's Degree ProgramsA Network Administrator is someone responsible for the maintenance and performance of computer hardware and software systems that make up all the components of a computer network. The role of a Network Administrator will vary depending upon where they work, but will generally include activities such as management of data, and maintenance of network servers. Network Administrators are responsible for making sure that an organization’s networks are properly functioning and to help protect networks from risks, as well as troubleshoot and solve problems that arise. Companies are very dependent on their computer networks and need them to be up and running at all times. As such, network administration is an important part of the corporate world and companies rely heavily on their network administrators. An online network administration degree provides individuals with the foundation necessary to begin a successful career in this high-demand field.

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Online Network Administration Degree Classes

An online network administration degree is a great stepping stone to entering this profession. With an information technology IT bachelor’s degree (BIT), you’ll gain knowledge and practical experience essential to becoming successful in the field of network administration. Students in an online network administration degree program understand how to connect computers and their users to each other utilizing an often complex infrastructure of computers, applications and networks. At the time of graduation, students may be ready to take on positions such as Database Administrator, Computer Systems Analyst, PC Technician, Help Desk Technician or Network Administrator. Graduates will be able to not only manage networks, but build security solutions, install network applications, troubleshoot network issues, configure and install applications, create user accounts, and resolve network and user end problems. There are so many different opportunities available to those with an online network administration degree program, but the first step is the coursework. Online network administration degree classes may include:

  • Introduction to Network Security
  • Analytical Approaches to Information Technology
  • LAN/WAN Technologies
  • Wireless Networking
  • Introduction to Servers
  • Computer Networking and Security
  • Telecommunication
  • Network Engineering
  • Computer Programming
  • Network Design
  • Computer Repair
  • Database Management Systems
  • Application Development

As part of their education, students are often exposed to labs and simulations which provide real-life scenarios that they are likely to encounter while working out in the field. Highly trained individuals are in high-demand because businesses, both large and small, rely on their computer networks and in many cases cannot function without them. Take the first step towards a position in the filed of network administration by obtaining your bachelor’s through an online network degree program!

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