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Online Nursing Assistant Degree Programs

Online Nursing Assistant programsOnline nursing assistant programs are the preferred education option for those whom campus-based nursing schools are not an option. These online courses offer education for potential nursing assistants (othwerwise known as orderlies or nurse aides).

Graduates of online nursing assistant programs may become medical support specialists who are responsible for providing basic bedside care and light clinical assistance to patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical settings. The course will provide you with knowledge in the fields of nursing and long-term care, providing a safe environment, assisting with daily living, and patient assessment. Once you have completed the required number of study hours and submitted all the necessary course materials, you will be required to take a nursing assistant practicum for a minimum of 48 hours.

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Nursing Assistant Career Options

Many graduates of online nursing assistant programs go on to work in residential care facilities, hospitals, hospices and home care. There are a number of important qualities for online nursing assistant programs that will help you become a successful nursing assistant, such as compassion and empathy for people who are injured, ill or elderly, patience while performing routine tasks, and good communication skills with patients and other members of healthcare staff.

Typical nursing assistant duties include:

  • eating, bathing and dressing assistance
  • answering calls for help
  • answering questions
  • serving meals
  • helping patients eat
  • listening to patient’s health concerns
  • making beds
  • tidying up rooms
  • taking temperature
  • taking pulse and other vital signs
  • escorting patients to treatment
  • reporting to nursing staff


How Online Nursing Assistant Programs Work

Online nursing assistant programs may offer a diploma or certificate in nursing or in some cases an associate’s degree. These programs usually take a few months to a year or two to complete. Typical subjects covered in nurse assistant courses are:

  • nutrition
  • anatomy
  • physiology
  • infection control
  • patient care
  • patient rights
  • communication skills

There are many benefits of taking an Internet-based course rather than a traditional classroom course including flexibility, lower cost, no commuting, and the ability to balance your studies with work and family.

Once you have completed one of the online nursing assistant programs and passed your competency exam, you will be placed in a state registry. This will enable you to work in a nursing home. In some states you may be able to get further certifications such as Certified Medication Assistant (CMA), which will enable you to give medications.

Working as a nursing assistant is often strenuous because you will spend much of your time on your feet taking care of residents or patients. This is usually a full-time job and you may often be required to work night shifts or during weekends.

Because the elderly population is growing, many nursing assistants will be needed in long-term care facilities. This means that the job prospects for graduates of online nursing assistant programs are good.

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