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Online Dental Assistant Degree Programs

dental assistantChoosing one of the many available online dental assistant programs is a flexible and affordable way to join the field of dental assisting. Online dental assistant programs train dental assistants in many of the same procedures and medical subjects as dentists. This enables you to help with dental procedures without needing instruction. Online dental assistant programs provide the training needed to perform the necessary duties without the scheduling commitments of a traditional dental assistant program.

Most dental assistants work in dentists’ offices, though some are employed in physicians’ offices or work for Federal, state or local governments.

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What do Dental Assistants Do?

Online dental assistant programs train dental assistants to work alongside dentists. In general, the dental assistant job description consists of:

  • making patients comfortable in the dental chair in preparation for treatments
  • sterilizing and maintaining dental equipment and instruments
  • handing the instruments to the dentist during the procedures
  • conducting laboratory tests and processing x-rays
  • advising patients on correct dental hygiene
  • maintain up to date records of dental procedures
  • scheduling patient appointments
  • keeping records of patient billing and payments

How Online Dental Assistant Programs Work

Online dental assistant programs usually offer diplomas, certificates (to add a dental assisting specialization to an existing degree), or associate’s degrees. Most programs last a few months to two years. Programs can generally be found at junior colleges, career colleges and healthcare training institutes. The more advanced the degree, the higher the dental assistant’s salary can be, and the further they can go in the field. Most online dental assistant programs last a few months to two years. All you need to take one of the accredited online dental assistant programs is a computer and an Internet connection.

Online dental assistant programs generally follow the same routine as a traditional course with the added benefits of flexibility, lower cost and greater convenience. Your lectures, assignments and tests will be downloaded and when you have completed them you will email or upload your work to your tutor. Online dental assistant programs can be completed from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

You will be able to communicate with your tutors and fellow students via email, bulletin boards, forums and chat rooms. You may also be required to participate in virtual workgroups will other students to develop group projects. You will also work through interactive online tests and quizzes.

Online dental assistant programs have many different presentations and management techniques. Some include lectures by synchronous live video streaming, while others have asynchronous non-live lectures. Whichever type of online program you choose it will hopefully lead to a convenient and pleasurable learning experience.

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