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Online Paralegal/Legal Studies Degree Programs

Legal Studies ProgramsAs lawsuits and government regulations become more and more prevalent in our society, knowledge of local, state and federal laws and of the overall legal system becomes an increasingly marketable commodity — not only within the field of law, but also in industries like finance, health care, energy, international trade and entertainment. For this reason online paralegal programs offer a great opportunity to start an exciting career.

Graduates of online paralegal programs will earn a degree in legal studies that prepares them for a potential career in either a law office or a sector of the corporate or governmental world that utilize legal knowledge. This may include banks, entertainment industry, insurance brokers, legal departments and human resources sectors. Employers often find that student who have studied online paralegal programs are highly skilled at filing taxes, preparing financial reports, managing employee benefits, conducting quality assurance checks and documenting corporate policies.

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What are Online Paralegal Programs Like?

If you are interested in legal studies but you are not ready to jump into the job market straight away, you can use online paralegal programs as a preliminary route to law school. A legal studies degree serves as an excellent introduction to theory and application of the law, concepts that will be further explored in graduate school.

Students in online paralegal programs may have the option of focusing on a specialty such as:

  • alternative dispute resolution
  • corporate law
  • employment law
  • family law
  • health care law
  • legal technology
  • office management
  • personal injury
  • real estate law
  • social security law

Additionally, online paralegal programs students develop personal skills in communication, organization, critical thinking and teamwork that will prove invaluable in their careers, no matter what industry they choose to enter.

Benefits of Online Paralegal Programs

Choice: You can choose from a wide range of online paralegal programs until you find one that has a combination of courses that stirs your interest and meets your career needs.

Reduced Cost: Often online paralegal programs cost less than traditional classroom-based programs because you don’t have to commute, also most of the materials are online so you may not have to pay for expensive textbooks.

Flexibility: You can study online paralegal programs as and when you need them so that you can complete your degree while maintain a full-time job or caring for a family. You can also choose whether to study at night or during the day, and all form the comfort of your own home.

Credit Transfer: If you decided that you would like to switch one of your online paralegal programs to a traditional campus-based course, you can easily transfer your credits.

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