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Top Accredited Court Reporter Schools Online

For students hoping to advance their careers and earn a higher salary, pursuing a court reporting certification from an online court reporting school can be an excellent option. A degree in court reporting offers a wide range of career options and opportunities for advancement.

Featured Online Court Reporting School

Bryan University Online

Bryan University has a proven track record of successfully preparing graduates for over 70 years. Through hands-on, student-centered learning experiences, coupled with individualized support, Bryan students graduate with practical, productive skills that lead directly to high-demand professional careers. Unlike traditional institutions, Bryan also offers job placement assistance and lifetime refresher courses to ensure its graduates remain competitive for many years to come. Bryan enjoys a position within the higher education spectrum that is unique, respected, enviable and worthy of emulation.

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  • Associate Degree in Court Reporting

Court Reporting Institute

Your Journey Towards a New Career Begins Today!

The Court Reporting Institute focuses time, energy, and resources on providing students the finest court reporting training possible. Unlike other colleges that may offer court reporting as one of many options, our singular goal is to prepare students for careers in court reporting. We offer flexible schedules, convenient start dates, and online degree options to help new students get started today!

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  • Court Reporting Online

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Find the Best Accredited Online Court Reporting Schools

The curriculum of an online court reporting school varies with the type of reporting being done. Usually, students are required to pass a 1-3 year program at an online school or college. Some schools specialize in court reporting, while others provide it among a host of other career training options. Further training is usually done on the job.

Common skills taught during online training:

  • Grammar
  • Dictation
  • Equipment use (depending on the method chosen)
  • Business skills

Some states require court reporters to be licensed. Many court reporters also pursue voluntary certifications to be more employable. Certifications are administered by organizations such as the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers, among others.

For more information about court reporter careers, training, and degree programs, visit Court Reporting Schools.