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Online Certificate Programs

If you are looking to start a new career or increase your income and earning potential in your current career, one of the accredited online certificate programs can help. In many specialized fields, a certificate verifying your skillset is required in order to obtain employment. Frequently, professionals who have certificate in their specialized area receive a higher rate of pay and are more likely to be hired or promoted than those lacking credentials.

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Why Pursue an Online Certificate Program?

Whether you are interested in health care, criminal justice, the legal field, or technology, online certificate certification programs can help you reach your goals. The beauty of online certificate programs is that most can be completed within six months to two years. One of the other major perks of online education is the ability to complete the program from the comfort of your home on your own schedule. That said, some people finish their online certificate programs much faster than others as everyone tends to learn at their own pace.

Typically cheaper than a bachelors degree or other higher education options, online certificate programs are away to continue your education without breaking the bank. However, while many are able to achieve their career goals with just a certificate, some continue their schooling after completing the program. With a solid grasp on the material and perhaps some work experience behind them, it’s not uncommon for individuals to pursue an online associates degree and beyond.

Check with enrollment officials to see which education path is right for you. Depending on your career goals and financial situation, an online certificate program might be your best option.

Popular Online Programs Offering Certificate Courses

There are a wide variety of certificate programs available online. The following are a list of the most popular online certificate programs available from accredited schools. Find the field that suits you best and begin achieving your career goals.

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