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30 Great Sites for Learning a Language Online for Free

posted by Mark on June 26th, 2009

30 Great Sites for Learning a Language Online for FreeIf you’re thinking about traveling abroad, don’t become one of those tourists who don’t know anything about the language or culture you’re visiting.  With these websites, you can learn all you need to know before you even reach foreign soil. Even if you’re not going anywhere, broaden your horizons by learning a language or two; impress your friends and confuse your enemies.
Lots of useful information on French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English as a second language.

ASL University
Learn sign language using a mix of text, pictures and video, all for free ($483 if you want individual evaluation and documentation).

Babel: Arabic
Learn to read and write Arabic with text and audio, including 400 of the most common Arabic words.

Learn French provides free French language lessons that start with the basics and move on to grammar, vocabulary and dialogue.

Learn essential phrases from 36 languages via mp3 audio, with more in-depth lessons and games for over a dozen of the languages.
40 online Mandarin Chinese lessons with audio, including reading, speaking, writing, modern vocabulary, grammar, calligraphy, examples and exercises, available for download in mp3 format.
Learn German, from beginner to advanced levels, with a variety of lessons, exercises and tests.

Digital Dialects
Learn vocabulary from over 50 languages through fun animated games.
Simple, straightforward text and audio introduction to Portuguese.

Free Japanese Lessons
Free lessons on Japanese alphabet, vocabulary and phrases.

The French Tutorial
The free standard tutorial has 13 chapters and over 200 audio clips to help you learn French; deluxe edition available with a donation.

Iluss Free
Learn Italian through text and audio exercises, from beginner to advanced levels.

Hone your ability to speak dozens of languages by practicing with a language partner, posting a question, using a wiki or joining a group (teachers also available for pay).
Learn vocabulary from 13 languages through a mix of text, pictures and audio.
Learn the Korean alphabet and language through various lessons, a dictionary and a forum.

Learn alphabets and common phrases of over 50 languages, plus in-depth courses in nine languages.

Interactive lessons in over 20 languages, including text, photos and audio. Also connect with native speakers to help each other learn. Basic courses are free; $9.95 – $24.95 for premium courses.

Choose from three languages (Spanish, French, Chinese) to learn via a mix of text and audio. Free limited access; $12 per month for full access and $49 for mp3 downloads.
Practice a new language with a native speaker who’s learning your language. Free basic access; $2 to $6 per month for Gold membership.

Like, you can search for a penpal with whom you exchange knowledge about each other’s language.
All you need to learn Russian: vocabulary, pronunciation, alphabet, conjugation, links and more.

Radio Lingua Network
Free audio lessons in 20 languages (supplementary materials for a fee).

Learn the basics of six languages in straightforward text lessons.
Free basic access to lots of useful information on Spanish pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary; premium access $9.95 per month.
Learn Thai through a variety of audio clips, images, dictionary entries, and message boards.
If you’re planning on traveling to another country, use this site to learn the basics of 80 different languages.

Courses, videos, audio clips, dictionaries, phrase books, games and more resources, including an online forum, for dozens of languages.

A resource to learn common verbs and vocabulary words in English, Spanish and German.

A list of hundreds of links to online courses, sorted by language.

Connect with people around the world and practice languages with each other, including the ability to create “flash cards”.

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56 Responses to “30 Great Sites for Learning a Language Online for Free”

  1. French Lover Says:

    Thanks for this post, This list of websites is really very helpful to those who are learning French language, some of the above website are really very good, like and bbc, I often visit those sites, French is a very sweet and interesting language, Earlier people are not interested in learning foreign languages like French, Spanish. German, Italian etc. But nowadays more and more people are interested in learning foreign language. French is one of the foreign language which is very popular nowadays. I am very thankful to you that you are promoting French language in such a nice way, Thanks.

  2. koichi Says:

    Very nice list – a few I’d add: – One of the best online flashcard programs out there

    lang-8 – Language exchange where you write journal entries in the language that you are learning and people who are native in the language you are writing in will create the entries for you

    edufire – not all free, but there is a good variety of free, live online classes you can take.

    tae kim’s guide to japanese grammar – really good Japanese grammar guide that is translated into a bunch of different languages

    Thanks again for your list, I found a few cool gems in there!

  3. Marakate Says:

    Thanks for the post!

    You should also check out Babbel —

    for French, German, Spanish, German and Italian. What you can learn for free is a lot. There are interactive exercises and the chance to meet and exchange with native speakers. It’s also really accessibly designed.

  4. Toffler - italki Says:

    Thanks for including italki in the list! That’s a good collection of sites and I like the quick blurbs that you included for each one.

    I’d also mention iTunes which aggregates a lot of the best podcasts for learning languages, and youtube which does the same for videos. Input (listening, reading, watching) is a good way to start learning a language.

  5. Judith Says:

    Nice list! Just surprised you don’t mention in there – that has to be the most comprehensive free language-learning website ever! 12 professional-quality language courses from beginner to advanced, plus grammar books, exercises, vocabulary lists and a library of easy texts. Plus throughout the site, including the forums, you can click on any word in order to see a translation.

  6. atul Says:

    I agree a nice list, I would suggest you guys should also include it is more than just a language learning website – I learnt spanish from this website thus I strongly recommend it !

  7. Keiko Yamashita Says:

    This is a great list of free sites for learning a language on-line. I agree with Toffler above, iTunes is quickly becoming a great place to get free audios for learning just about any language. I live in Japan, and have used some of the resources there for learning. I am also studying Russian and am a big fan of the site it has a really good free video series that has helped me with my Russian studies. I want to support the owner of that site, because it’s good. Great list!

  8. robb Says: is totally recommended. a great source to learn foreign languages.

  9. louise Says:

    Thanks a lot for this list.
    But you didn’t mention, which is for me one of the website learning language website. You have free language learning lessons, videochat, grammatical guides, videos, podcasts, pdfs,… Enjoy it, it’s for free!

  10. Moroccan Arabic Says:

    Great list!
    If I may suggest a website for learning Arabic, that would be – Very useful if you want to learn a few phrases in Moroccan Arabic before flying to Morocco.

  11. Marlon Brevig Says:

    nice put up, this may increasingly assist me with some odd stuff i ought to do for school, thanks my buddy

  12. ninhao online Says:

    The best way to learn Mandarin Chinese! Online practical language courses combine audio/video, cartoons and pictures to help you learn Mandarin Chinese easily. In the meantime, live speakingpractice with teachers online will enhance your experience! Some free Chinese language lessons are waiting for beginners to try! All the educational resources are available in PDF/MP3format for download.
    For more information about Learning Mandarin Chinese:

  13. The London Knowledge Says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips on learning Chinese. Need it for my taxi customers! Great

  14. Amr Boghdady Says:

    Great list!
    I already know many of the websites that teach German within the list, but I’ve discovered a few new ones as well.


  15. aimealda007 Says:

    Thanks for sharing a nice list.
    You can also visit my website for getting a lot of knowledge about french.

  16. FrenchOnlineGuy Says:

    You should definitely check out the BBC materials – for example French Steps is great, especially considering it’s FREE (well, at the UK taxpayers’ expense!) Have a look at this site too: – it has a pretty impartial overview of the various online French courses out there, but you can get a good idea of what learning any language online really entails. There is a lot of potential there, but don’t expect miracles, learning any language is not something that happens overnight.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I really can’t believe you left us out! First and only site where you get real videos that you can “speak”. Lots of fun, technology that works!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    A guy here from Philippines. I would really love to learn new language.

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  19. Bobby Says:
    is also very good

  20. Lela21 Says:

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  21. Lisa Says:

    Thanks a lot for this list. I would like to suggest this site:

    This is a
    language exchange community which allows people to make contact with those from
    other countries and organize their own exchanges.


    The idea is
    that you get to know each other online before agreeing to spend a certain
    amount of time staying with them in their country to live the local life and learn
    the native language. You’ll live in your language exchange friend’s house, like
    one of them, sharing their interests and taking part in activities.


    The service
    is Free of charge! Just pay for your plane ticket to the destination of your

  22. Mark Says:

    Well this old list is very useful as well as all the comments here below. it seems we have no excuse for not speaking plenty of other languages! :)
    I would like to suggest a new portal it s funny and completely free!! 
    You can chat with native speakers from all over the world or simply train your personalized vocabulary with some games! You can chose your level and progress at your own rythm! Have a look, guys! 

  23. plots in Hosur Says:

    The free standard tutorial has 13 chapters and over 200 audio clips to
    help you learn French; deluxe edition available with a donation.

  24. David Says:

    Hi! My name is David. I’d like to suggest my site for learning French. It has offers lots of tutorial lessons covering basic phrases, vocabulary, verbs and songs. All of the lessons include audio or video. It’s:
    Thanks, David

  25. Maxim Says:

    I strongly recommend this website:
    The purpose of the site is to improve spelling skills of words and sentences in languages languages like spanish, french…

  26. Rose Says:

    You have forgot  to add one extremely useful English learning website . This site teaches English language.

  27. James Says:

    And too. Great site so far!

  28. Mark Says:

    Hi, to anybody interested on online language exchange is a very interesting site.

     Includes Free Video conferencing

  29. Prostate Health Supplements Says:

    These are some great resources to learn a different language.Thanks indeed for sharing such useful stuffs.

  30. Gabriel Wyner Says:

    I recently opened my language learning website, Tower of Babelfish, which talks about a language learning method developed while learning German, Italian, French and Russian to fluency.  It uses Anki flashcards, an early pronunciation focus, no English translations and frequency lists for vocabulary, and has helped my language learning students immensely!  Enjoy!

  31. Ionitaasdfg Says:

    if you are interested in learning a language then is one great place to do that

  32. Tobi Lo Says:

    Hi Mark, this is a great set of resources
    that you provide here! All the more I felt that the Fairtrade language school Glovico ( should be
    amongst it. Native speakers from developing countries teach their mother
    tongues via Skype there to earn themselves an additional income. At the same
    time intercultural dialogue is fostered. Maybe you want to have a look at it?
    Best, Tobias

  33. mamu Says:

    It’s great to discover this list!

    I would like to add another website where you can practice and learn languages for free:

  34. Buy real twitter followers Says:

     Yea those sites are just awesome resources to learn language.

  35. Learnion Says:

    Learn French, Learn German, Learn Italian, Learn Spanish, completely free only on

  36. learnfree Says:

    Learn French, Learn German, Learn Italian, Learn Spanish, Web Resources And More Useful Information On

  37. bp oil spill Says:

     Thank you for information. I might consider this courses for myself.

  38. Says:

    French, German, Italian and Spanish lessons for free on the only place where you don’t need to create an account, donate, download a software, buy a book or sign up to an news letter

  39. translatingtolearn Says:

    In this list you can see some other web sites for learning languages for free:

  40. Transaltingtolearn Says:

    You can see more websites for learning languages for free here:

  41. Ondrej Says:

    I love Great way to learn new vocabulary from native speakers.

  42. Hein Says:

    learn mandarin at

  43. Hein Says:

    Wanna impress Charlize Theron ? Learn Afrikaans!

  44. Nobody important Says:

    Nobody recommends it, but I like it’s very usefull.

  45. Heather Says:

    Yes, I highly recommend busuu, it is very useful

  46. Guest Says:

    You can check this one :)

  47. visilang Says:

    For practising languages with people in other languages both and are good sites. I compiled my own list organized in categories at

  48. Annette Says:

    Hi! My name is Annette. I am a French teacher and I’d like to suggest my site with lots of audio lessons:
    Check it out!

  49. William Blake Says:

    This is really a nice list one can have to learn language and that is too free of cost.

    Berlitz language courses

  50. katsumi Says:

    This site I use to learn Japanese.

  51. Oliver Says:

    Also please have a look: 12 flashcard sites to choose from!

  52. alvareze Says:

    Free Spanish pronunciation with audio:

  53. norali Says:

    please i want speak english with a short period

    how i have much more programes but i do not know how iam starting

    my regards to you

  54. lupe Says:

    free spanish class 1 to 1 for skype

  55. Neha Says:

    Learn English Online with Tutor

    English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world (next only to Mandarin and Spanish). It is also the most commonly used language in international business and the official language for most international agencies and companies. Improve your career prospects by learning or improving your English with iRikai!

    To Know more visit :

  56. Athan Bontuyan Says:

    For me personally I highly recommend http://www.convoconnect,com if you want to become fluent in the language. Everyone knows the best way to learn a language is by speaking with real native / near native speakers. I was learning from textbooks and online materials for so long but never had the opportunity to actually speak the language. Free materials are good to a degree but the reality is if you want to become fluent you do need to practise speaking regularly. definitely does speed up the process and you will find that you will become fluent much faster and you don’t need to sign up to any costly courses like many other online sites. Best of all you get to decide when you want to learn (you book a timeslot) and decide what exactly you want the teacher to focus on – e.g. conversation practise, business, travel, and role plays etc.

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