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30 Awesomely Bad School Portraits

posted by Mark on April 23rd, 2010

One of the major advantages of going to school online — besides avoiding stories like these — is that there’s no yearbook and thus no school portrait capturing the awkwardness that is your life. Not YOUR life, of course, but, you know, one’s theoretical life (ahem). Granted, you can still commemorate this time in your life for all eternity by going down to you local Glamour Shots studio (and frankly, some of the folks below might have done so), but before you do, take a peek at what can go wrong.

I’m with the band.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

This is Lucy.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Loves Batman. Hates socks.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

The precious…
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Liberace on ice
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

I like Pez.
I don’t like harmless internet humor. [ image removed per request]

If moonwalking in a tuxedo t-shirt and parachute pants is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

You’ll get this Gameboy when you pry it from my cold, dead, hairy palms.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Gucci lumberjack
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

…Meet disco lumberjack.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Just Chad
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Tennille had the day off.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

At least he has one fan.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Something’s eating her head!
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Love me, love my Pokemon.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Don’t trust the Gorton’s fisherwoman.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Choking his chicken
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Awesomely Bad School Portraits

I said FOSSE!
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Would you like to see my hard drive?
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

What a turkey. And a bird, too.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Awesomely Bad School Portraits

You’ve got to be Karate Kidding.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

I enjoy sunsets, walks on the beach and reclining in diseased swamp water.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Bringing saxy back
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Is there a veterinarian in the house, because these pythons are SICK!
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Awesomely Bad School Portraits

Laser cat!
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

I can’t imagine being less lady-like.
Awesomely Bad School Portraits

I stand corrected.

We stand corrected.  The Grinch stole Christmas AND this photo of internet awesomeness (Image deleted per user request).

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134 Responses to “30 Awesomely Bad School Portraits”

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  2. Wade Heinl Says:

    Yo you are a freak. SICK blog!!!

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  6. Rebecca LeeStrong Hitt Says:

    I had some of those backgrounds when I was in school. I don’t remember being allowed to have things in the pic with me though.

  7. Rebecca LeeStrong Hitt Says:

    I remember some of those backgrounds when I was in school. I don’t remember being allowed to have things in the pic with me though.

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  10. brett charlton Says:

    these aren’t bad, these are awesome hahaha!

    is the second one patrick bateman?

  11. Canis Caeleste Says:

    The eighties were one cursed decade…

  12. Michael Says:

    I would kill to have any of these be my school pic. How could they be described as “bad” Remove the bad. These are all Awesome School Portraits. And fuck you if you think having a funny pic is “bad”.

  13. Guest Says:

    Sorry..but the saxophone shooting fire is awesome

  14. Bldkis Says:

    The sax shooting fire is fucking epic. I would kill for that to be my portrait.

  15. Nope. Says:

    The sax one works best if you imagine “Careless Whisper” blaring in the background.

  16. fajas colombianas Says:

    yes, most of these are very akward indeed, but those fire shooting sax are epic.

  17. Jenny Says:

    Poop poop poop
    PS this is jenny

  18. Phil E. Drifter Says:

    chainsaw ftw.

  19. Joseph Says:

    VIRGIN alert!

  20. Anicholas186 Says:

    Looks like fosse had a tampon string hanging out..

  21. Paw Print Pet Tags Says:

    These are the same poor kids that show up in awesomely awkward family portraits too. I blame their parents…

  22. spydriana Says:

    forever young…via the magic of the interwebs!

  23. Dale Hord Says:

    Just imagine at their 30 year class reunion and someone decides to put everyones graduation picture on a computer and show it on the silver screen, GIANT SIZE. What a laugh. How embarrassed would these thirty be? Hhmmmmmm?

  24. Julie Says:

    Anicholas186 -
    It’s not a tampon string, it’s a white panel that is sewn into the crotch of dance tights.

    Still looks stupid though.

  25. Jennifer Mason Goldspiel Says:

    These are great!!

  26. ashley Says:

    That saxophone one is actually pretty epic!

  27. John Smith Says:

    The captions are pretty horrible.

  28. Dicks Says:

    Those are hardly parachute pants.

  29. Yannic Geurts Says:


  30. Ștefan Rusu Says:


  31. Maurydickson Says:

    And who says the herd doesn’t need thinned out?????????????????????????

  32. mihir11 Says:

    hahaha awesome pics luvd it
    I too hv a blog nd would like to promote it
    heres da url :

  33. Laurabreen Says:

    Amen Michael! I’d be tempted to use it as a profile pic.

  34. TT7728 Says:

    … … … :-|

  35. CJ Says:

    Umm… I don’t get it, whats wrong with these photos???

  36. BTP Pritchett Says:

    NOW we know where politicians come from!

  37. NursesLabs Says:

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, are the weirdest things I’ve ever saw in the internet.

  38. yyaaooii Says:

    I have the very same Pikachu stuffed toy.

  39. yyaaooii Says:

    I have the very same Pikachu stuffed toy.

  40. Arrgghh Mumbles! Says:

    At least one of them is ready for the zombie hoards… Chainsaw FTW!!!!

  41. Nick Pantano Says:

    I think I saw some of my FB friends in here….

  42. Saul Radshaw Says:


  43. duderchick Says:

    That is awesome!

  44. Poo Says:


  45. Lolanswaty Says:

    I will NEVER complain about my own photo misfortune again…..

  46. Cammy Says:

    Uh Kay

  47. Bingo Says:

    laser cat!

  48. Noah Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! After a terrible day, this has me laughing pretty hard.

  49. Mario Warenwirtschaft Says:

    Wow, these are really bad. I like “just chad” the most.

  50. Social Media NYC Says:

    The second one shouldn’t be on this list, it is awesome.

  51. Pattimlt Says:

    I think these kids may have some serious identity issues

  52. Sir Elephant Says:

    These are awesome! ESPECIALLY THE ONE WITH THE FIREY SAXOPHONE =D Also, the one with the giant GBA was pretty cool, too. Quite a few of these are actually amazing. I would much rather have one of these instead of what I usually get (which is a fake smile and a boring pose just like everyone else’s).

  53. Jayremmy Says:

    Purple fosse has a maxi pad sticking out and
    chia hands

  54. Aaron Says:

    Pretty sure the Gorton’s fisherwoman killed someone later in life.

  55. Jonathan Says:

    Where on earth did these pics come from?!? Wow!

  56. Jtempel2 Says:

    funny…queer…goofy…scary….pitiful…stupid…way gone…pretty cool, if you’re that brave…or that wasted….basic nerd….whooa…back off….oh yeah….what ever!!

  57. Keeny76 Says:

    these are plain embarrassing .. and well .. shit happens..

  58. FLG Says:

    Dude, a girl from a message board I’m on is on here (the last one wiht the caption “I stand corrected”). She used to post her “contortionist” modeling pics all the time on there and we would all get a good laugh. Someone somewhere sent her pic in to AwkwardFamilyPhotos and she foudn out and got so mad and had it deleted. Now it’s on here. That’s awesome dude.

  59. Pamela Mason Magee Says:


  60. Rodgersbren Says:

    I love the Coat that the “pimpadelic” kid is wearing, very cool.

  61. Abcd Says:

    probably sometime last summer…

  62. Devin Walker Says:


  63. Chris Shaefer Says:

    Laser Cat!!!!!!

  64. Greg Says:

    Their parents should be arrested ><

  65. Amsujo Says:

    Those are Jazz Hands!! LOL

  66. Anonymous Says:

    Speaks for itself.

  67. Amber Jones Says:

    I’m pretty sure the girl in the purple dance costumes pad is hanging out. yikes.

  68. Lilonewton Says:

    I’d like to think they all have really, really bizarre senses of humor. But I fear that’s not the case.

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  71. Ioann Says:

    The dude with the fan and the parasol is just… BWAHAHA!!!

  72. Jfrimmer Says:

    These photos are old! you can see them and more on @SexyPeople:twitter They are the original!

  73. Iawnaek Says:

    Are they like scarred from life now from this? Like some of them become psychopatic now?

  74. Pez Photo Says:

    I sent you a message about a week ago regarding the use of an image without my permission. You have until Tuesday May 10, 2011 to remove my photo or I will take legal action and serve you with unlawful appropriation of my likeness. You have a message from me in your contact inbox; remove the photo or pay the consequences.

  75. 123shit Says:


  76. Jarrinan Says:

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with the chainsaw and fireblowing sax photos

  77. Pw121982 Says:


  78. Harbringer Says:

    Laser cat? Really?!

  79. patrickoakes Says:

    oh gawd

  80. 30 Awesomely Bad School Portraits « The Gateway Says:

    [...] 30 Awesomely Bad School Portraits [...]

  81. ESN Interactive Says:

    Since our minds have been racing with all the crazy consequences we would be paying if we left up the most boring photo out of all these bits of internet awesomeness, we have obliged and removed the photo. Troll 1, ESN 0. We hang our heads in shame.

  82. Mardimail Says:

    Amazing…what were they thinking- and fro the younger ones…what were their parents thinking?! hahahahaha

  83. Fsdfs Says:

    lol hahahahhahahaha you are just mad u r a dork!!!

  84. Brnmhn Says:

    Some are sad but also some are fun!Not all Bad!

  85. Teri Says:

    Chad – oh my!!!

  86. Tek-Bull Says:

    My kid will definitely have to be on this list when he’s born, I will make it my goal in life for him to be on the band!

  87. Cherylmikel Says:

    Two thumbs up!! Great!!

  88. Says:

    Made me laugh!
    This is precious!

  89. Skipswifey Says:

    oh, Chaaaaaad ahh ahh ugh ahh

  90. sydney strippers Says:

    Wow! what a collection! I especially love the boy with the turkey. How adorable!!!

  91. miami web design Says:

    lmfao these are epic i wish i took my photos like this..

  92. Hoodnigga Says:

    Only thing worse than those pictures were the captions you gave them.

    You’ve got to be Karate Kidding me?


  93. Madcapfeline Says:

    There would be no consequences. Ownership of photographs belongs to the photographer, not the subject. If the photographer asked you to remove them, you’d have to, but the subject of a photograph has as many rights concerning their “likeness” as the average bowl of fruit.

  94. Gorilla Atheist on Wordpress Says:

    you just can’t fight awesome

  95. is it? Says:

     was this it

  96. ESN Interactive Says:

     Uh oh.  I feel like a swimmer blissfully paddling around in the shallows at the beach, completely unaware that a lethal pez shark is circling silently underneath me.  When will the shark strike?  Am I supposed to delete this comment?  Is it my responsibility?  Will I still have both of my feet and all ten toes?  I don’t know!  The suspense is killing me.

  97. ESN Interactive Says:


  98. ESN Interactive Says:

    Oh if only I felt as empowered as a piece of fruit… 

  99. Felipe Nunez Says:

     This was freakin hilarius. Awesomely funny, I enjoyed it tons.

  100. TamiClem Says:

    Does the gal in the purple dance suit really have a pad hanging out of her bottoms? 

  101. Loserwithnolife Says:

    The batman kids pants and shoes are so in fashion right now

  102. Afterrhythmia Says:

     No, it’s the way tights were. there were holes on either side of the crotch.

  103. Anonymous Says:


  104. Psy Says:

     Truly a genius ahead of his time

  105. Gemini Says:

    Not really sure how to contact the founders of this site because it won’t go through (but I hope your reading this) and if my photo isn’t removed like I have asked countless times because it was required without my permission or that of the photographers which btw IS Copyright, slander, just to name a few…I am a Criminal Justice major and have the right to get the police involved and shut down this site…But I am going to ask again, because obviously the people don’t under stand the english language do remove my picture. I gurantee most of these other pics were gathered illegally as well.

  106. Jamieg08 Says:

    Omg don’t be a dick Gemini! They are hilarious and no one knows who they are. People just glance at this stuff quickly for a giggle then go back to life. If u can’t get over a bad picture choice from your past then I’m sorry that you are so uptight that you cannot enjoy a laugh at your own expense. I bet if you were not on this page and you saw a bunch of pics like this of other people you would crack up. Lighten up and learn to laugh at your self. I might even send these guys a few pics From when I was younger and look absolutely ridiculous!

  107. ESN Interactive Says:

    Rhetorically speaking, if I were to insult someone’s understanding of the English language, I’d make sure that I’d do it while employing perfect usage of grammar and punctuation.

    As much as we would love to give your comment an overall grade of F and refuse any of your empty threats, image has been removed per request.

  108. ESN Interactive Says:

     I have a few photos of myself rocking a very poor imitation Vanilla Ice hairdo.  Thankfully, it never made it into a school portrait or else I would post it up here too.

  109. Sheldonrs Says:

     Damn!  I was sure Gemini’s pic was the 1st one, “I’m With The Band” pic.  lol!

  110. Michael E Benson Says:

    Outrageous!  I love it! 

  111. Wh61193 Says:

    What terrible portraits.  Especially the girl lolling in the swamp.  What possessed her? 

  112. Bobby Garfield Says:

     hahahahha Oh Gemini…the nerdiest of them all.

    By the way, speaking of understanding the English language, are you saying you have the right to get the police involved because you are a Criminal Justice major or are you reciting your major to give yourself a false appearance of authority?  Your poor use of grammar confused me :(.

  113. Gemini Says:

    Well I wouldn’t really say it was a “bad” picture, just not one I would want posted to the public eye…I am very picky about who can view my modeling photos and it just didn’t sit well with me that it was on here without my permission. I’m still angry at whoever found it and put it on here. But thank you for removing it!

  114. MamaCass Says:

    I guess we know what she did last summer… And something tells me it wasn’t fishing… 

  115. Maya Says:

    Bobby!! That just made me LOL.

    And Gemini if you took better pictures yu wuldn’t end up on this site, just TBH. Funny Pictures though. 

  116. Peg-Leg Gonzolegs Says:

     I demand the deleted pictures be re-posted! If not in actual form, then maybe as an artist’s rendering in say, crayon. What bad sports! If you can’t laugh at yourself (and allow others a chuckle, too) you should be banned from all internet funniness!!

  117. me Says:

    the world is not going to end on may 21st

  118. Anonymous Says:

    No. Probably not. But this isn’t the first time people have claimed that. Check this out:

  119. Kennadotson Says:

    gross! really?

  120. ESN Interactive Says:

    Crayon?  That is my favorite medium!  We’ll whip up a couple renderings STAT. 

  121. Frostynay Says:

    angry pig

  122. Sonia Says:

    The poor girl striking a pose (with the purple outfit)…we see her pantyliner sticking out !  Bless her heart.

  123. Dfdf Says:

    Punchline deleter per user request!

  124. Disco Lumberjack Says:

    Now I wish I’d posed with an axe instead of a camera. Thanks for enjoying my portrait, you mostly got what we were going for.

    (Hope the guy with the chainsaw has as good a sense of humor as I do.)

  125. Melissa Peters Says:

    I dunno, that was one sweet camera ;) As for that chainsaw guy – he’s good looking and knows how to work with power tools, what’s not to like? Love this site, and the photos – wish I had some awesome idea for a school photo like you guys did!

  126. Demarcus Pweese Says:


  127. Chuggo Pwigg-O'Poonsman Says:


  128. Wise2Late Says:

    The ‘Karate kidding’ photo is actually of an ancient Tantric posture called “Dry Humping the Rhino.”

  129. yboog Says:

    I thought the same thing!!!!!

  130. MyDailyComment Says:

    This is mostly making fun of people because they are ugly, not because the picture is bad.

  131. Xincontriadulti Incontrii Says:

    This is awesome :D Wow!

  132. abcsources Says:

    Have same fun :

  133. SirLouie Says:

    Wrong….these photos are awkwardly posed, and they’re incredibly corny. The fact that you think they’re ugly is your opinion only. But I think the kids were game, and bless ‘em, some were probably laughing as they did it.

  134. Justin Says:

    Where’s bad luck Brian ?

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