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20 Outrageous School Horror Stories, or Why You Should Consider Online Classes

posted by Mark on March 2nd, 2009

20 Outrageous School Horror Stories, or Why You Should Consider Online ClassesWe’re not saying that brick-and-mortar schools are a bad choice for your education, but there are certain sticky situations that can be avoided if you were to choose an online school…

Teacher Snorts Cocaine in Class

Lewiston, New York: Joan Donatelli, a 59-year-old retired teacher, spent her retirement years knitting, substitutue teaching and snorting cocaine. Unfortunately, she decided to combine the latter two one day while substituting in a  fourth-grade class. Two students reported to police that they saw her repeatedly dip a pen cap into a plastic bag full of white powder and snort it as they sat less than five feet away. Police confronted Donatelli at her home, and she confessed. She was sentenced to 100 hours of community service — presumably not involving children.

Conflict Resolution Teacher Attacks Student

Greensboro, North Carolina: Maybe rookie high school teacher Robert Bullard wasn’t the right man for the job of leading a life skills class that included conflict resolution. Less than three months into his term, he resigned after physically attacking a 14-year-old student, punching him in the face several times before other students pulled him away. Bullard pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to 150 days in jail and placed on probation for five years. It turns out that he had a previous criminal record for breaking a man’s arm with a trophy. We’re guessing it wasn’t a Teacher of the Year trophy.

Students Forced to Clean Third-Story Windows...From the OutsideStudents Forced to Clean Third-Story Windows…From the Outside

Beijin, China: Many students have to wash chalkboards, desks and the occasional window at school, but one elementary school in China is taking the chore of window washing to the extreme by having kids wash windows up to three stories high by balancing on a four-inch-wide ledge without any safety equipment whatsoever. School officials claim it promotes bravery. Others say it promotes death.

Teachers Stage Fake Gun Attack

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Less than a month after the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting rampage, teachers leading a group of 70 sixth-grade students on a field trip to a state park decided that the time was right to play a prank on the kids by telling them that a mad gunman was on the loose. For five minutes, the students lay on the floor and hid under tables, panicking, crying and praying as a teacher, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, pulled on doorknobs and knocked on windows to scare the kids. The students were eventually let off the hook, but their parents weren’t amused. The teachers apologized, claiming that the ordeal was designed  to teach the kids how to react a similar situation. Lesson learned: never trust a teacher.

Students Replace Vending Machine Apple Juice With UrineStudents Replace Vending Machine Apple Juice With Urine

Palm Harbor, Florida: A high school freshman who frequented a school vending machine was surprised one day to find that the apple juice he normally drank had a foul smell and taste. Apparently, two bored yet mechanically gifted fellow students had broken into the machine, stolen a bottle of apple juice, replaced the liquid with their own urine and placed the bottle back inside. Tips led police to the offenders, who confessed and were arrested. The entire machine was replaced. Just in case.

Principal Flings Poo at Child

Toronto, Canada: Elementary school principal Maria Pantalone, 49, pleaded guilty to tossing feces at a child because she “couldn’t take it anymore.” Although the child wasn’t one of her students, she was suspended (with pay) and mandated to stay away from children under the age of 16 before being transferred to another school. The real tragedy, however, is that due to a media ban on the case, we may never know who’s poo it was and how it came into her possession.

Teacher Simulates Gorilla Sex on StudentTeacher Simulates Gorilla Sex on Student

Lexington, South Carolina: Drama teacher Harold Skinner could at the very least be accused of being overly “dramatic” when, as part of a lesson on improvisation, he grabbed a male student from behind and “dry humped” him repeatedly with his pelvis, simulating what was supposed to be gorilla sex. The student failed to see the wacky humor and reported the incident to the police, who arrested Skinner on a charge of simple assault and battery.

Mother Bakes Ex-Lax Cookies for Daughter’s Teacher…Who Gives Them to Class

Skowhegan, Maine: Julie Hunt, 43, apparently had beef with her 13-year-old daughter’s teacher, so she helped her make cookies containing crush Ex-Lax pills, with a note reading “We made these cookies especially for you, hope you enjoy them.” Finding the cookies on her desk, the teacher, as teachers are apt to do, gave the snacks to her class. (Presumably, the girl was “full” at the time.) When the students became ill, the plot was exposed. Hunt was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service for the prank.

Student Sent to Jail Because of School ErrorStudent Sent to Jail Because of School Error

Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Fifteen-year-old Cody Webb was arrested for phoning in a bomb threat to his high school’s student hotline at 3:17 AM one morning. School officials knew that they had the right person because they traced a hotline call at that exact time to Webb’s phone. The only problem was that the school had forgotten to set its clocks that morning to Daylight Savings Time; Webb had actually made his call an hour earlier, at 2:17 AM. Unfortunately for him, school officials didn’t realize their mistake until he’d spent 12 days in a juvenile detention facility.

Teacher Watches Porn in Class

Phoenix, Arizona: A high school photography teacher forgot the number one rule of viewing inappropriate material on your computer at work: make sure you’re not hooked up to a projector. That’s exactly what happened to the hapless instructor as he took time out from his lecture to view bondage videos on his laptop. Unfortunately for everyone involved, his class was also privy to his fetish, and reportedly, he was so “into it” that he didn’t notice for a full 20 minutes, even when students commented. In a related story, the school is now looking for a qualified photography teacher.

Marlboro Sponsors Student UniformsMarlboro Sponsors Student Uniforms

KunMing Province, China: A sad side effect of China’s increasing openness to capitalism and Western businesses: school uniforms emblazoned with corporate sponsorships. Even sadder: one major sponsor is Marlboro.

Teacher Gives Student a Hickey in Class

Missoula, Montana: One day, for no explained reason, high school business teacher Dan Kucera put a male student in a headlock and sucked on his neck, causing a bruise. He was charged with misdemeanor assault and resigned, claiming he “made a stupid mistake.”

Student Sets Self on Fire During Fire Safety Class

Chandler, Arizona: Tragedy and irony collided when a first grader decided to play with a cigarette lighter as his teacher read the class a book on fire safety. He received minor to second-degree burns on his back.

Teacher Moonlights as a ProstituteTeacher Moonlights as a Prostitute

Bellefontaine, Ohio: Fourth-grade teacher Amber Carter, 35, had a spotless 13-year record in education until it was discovered that she had a side job…as a prostitute. To make matters worse, she skipped class to meet a client, using a school computer to arrange the meeting. In her defense, she still has a spotless record as a prostitute.

Principal Kisses Students’ Feet…And Likes It

Lorain, Ohio: It all seemed innocent enough: private school principal Robert Holloway makes a bet with three 14-year-old  students on a friendly student-teacher volleyball game, and if he loses, he has to pay the students $15 and kiss their feet. He did so, but ended up kissing the boys’ feet 50 TIMES each. Creeped out, the students told their parents, who notified the authorities, who in turn found 400 foot fetish photos on Holloway’s school computer. He resigned and later received two years’ probation for “sexual imposition.”

Teacher Refuses to Shave Until Bin Laden Is CapturedTeacher Refuses to Shave Until Bin Laden Is Captured

Ephrata, Washington: Depending on your point of view, middle school science teacher Gary Weddle, 46, is either patriotic or insane. Maybe a bit of both. And probably marginally unhygienic. Since the September 11 attacks of 2001, he has vowed to avoid shaving until Osama bin Laden is caught, “even if I get buried with it.” Years later, his beard is still going strong. His wife is not as pleased with his determination as he is.

Teacher “Homicide Insurance”

Washington, DC: Sign of the times: the National Education Association now offers teachers “unlawful homicide” insurance, worth $150,000 if they’re murdered on the job. They receive only $50,000 for accidental deaths.

Gym Teacher Takes Student Bribes to Excuse Them From Class

Pensacola, Florida: Middle school gym teacher Terence Braxton, 28, took bribes from his students for four months, allowing them to sit out of class for $1 per day. When a parent caught wind of the scheme, Braxton retired and was charged with felony bribery, receiving three years’ probation and 300 hours of community service. Only six of his students pressed charges, claiming to have paid him around $230 total. It’s presumed they were all nerds.

Students Cross Raging River on Zip Line to Get to ClassStudents Cross Raging River on Zip Line to Get to Class

Fugong, China: The next time your grandfather rambles on about walking to school in the snow uphill both ways, show him this story. For years, nearly 500 students from a small Chinese village had to cross a 600-foot-wide raging river on a zip line every day just to get to and from school. Parents typically accompanied the smaller kids, but once they turned FIVE, they were on their own. After a TV show profiled their tribulation, enough money was raised to build a slightly sturdier rope bridge.

Biology Teacher Asks to Study Students’ Sperm

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A high school biology teacher asked three students to “take one for the team” and masturbate so that the class can study sperm under a microscope. Despite the scientific ramifications, they refused.

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103 Responses to “20 Outrageous School Horror Stories, or Why You Should Consider Online Classes”

  1. 20 Outrageous School Horror Stories, or Why You Should Consider … Says:

    [...] 20 Outrageous School Horror Stories, or Why You Should Consider … [...]

  2. JKirchartz Says:

    Wow, the worst I had was that my one ‘english’ teacher (who only had a degree in math, go figure) told my dad at a parent teacher conference that he fully expected me to fail, and there was no point in me trying …
    Nothing ever happened to that guy but I was ‘diagnosed’ with dyslexia …

  3. Top Internet Blog Says:

    It just remind me my cruel Science teacher, lol good article anyways

  4. strange I am Says:

    My 9th grade English teacher read some of my favorite poems I’d written… which she then laid into me about how god awful they were and that they were far too dark and disturbing for anyone to appreciate on an artistic level. She physically tore up the copies I had submitted to the school poetry publication (they put one out every year). I know damn well that the poems were beautiful, dozens of critics and teachers have confirmed my beliefs in the 12 years since. Because my works did not involve butterflies and puffy clouds, they were not art. Luckily I knew better, but many kids in my class weren’t like me, they thought every word that these teachers said were law. I watched a lot of talent give up in that class. Sad, I mean it’s not throwing feces at a student, but it’s still pretty messed up to critique not based on artistic/education values, but simply on personal preference.

  5. Random Says:

    I once had a teacher in grade 8 that gave out a ‘test’ for math which had questions about prostituting and people outrunning bullets and stuff. A parent saw it and complained, which eventually got the teacher fired.

  6. Michael Says:

    Woah. I’m actually a down away from Ephrata, WA. Less then 20-30 minutes away actually. Crazyness.

    I live in Moses Lake… a town slightly overrun by Mormons. One day a new teacher at our High School made a snide comment about mormons of some sort. Something to do with a mormon college. Either way… he got sacked.. then started protesting outside of the school. Kinda crazy. One day he came into the commons and started causing a ruckus. He was dragged out by the Vice principals and two security guards.

    I really wish that happened when I was still there.

  7. guy smiley Says:

    You should have included the story about the middle school principal who was caught watching gay porn naked at his desk after selling meth to an undercover cop. Check it out, it happened in Pennsylvania.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Heard rumours when I was in High school that one teacher burnt his boat just to say some students who didn’t like him did it. Never heard any legal rammifications or whatnot. Then I heard same said teacher turned on the gas and left a lit candle, but somebody found it before anything blew up. Alas, also no legal rammifications, so I wonder if some shit heads who didn’t like the teacher just made it up. You think for something like trying to blow up a school, there would be a big investigation, alas, none. So I believe these are in turn… just that, rumours.

    But if true, that would be worthy of being on this page.

  9. r10t3r Says:

    I laughed out loud a couple of times here.

    There’s something very amusing about the dry humping drama teacher and the guy who watched the porn whilst hooked up to the projector…classic!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    meh my old music teacher was better.
    He smoked weed in lesson and set his desk on fire, he had a mental break down and attacked a student with a chair, and tried to kill himself repeatedly in lessons, and once stabbed a pen through his hand.

    he wasn’t fired after all this, and i think he only stopped working bcause he finaly killed himself.

  11. Says:

    it’s presumed they were all nerds!!! HAHHAHAA hillarious

    check out for the best free snowboard videos (and others) on the net

  12. thecheekripper Says:

    you should consider this one for a possible repost, and it’s a doozy: Angry Teacher Rips Student’s Cheek Off

  13. Akrid Says:

    I remember when my old middle school batshit-insane teacher got fired from drinking booze out of a water bottle. Good times.

  14. mooph Says:

    Beards are “probably marginally unhygienic”? That’s tantamount to saying long hair is marginally unhygienic. Sorry all you gals (and guys) with flowing locks, you’re a bunch of dirtbags.

    In this era of internets tek, we still have things like soap, shampoo, baths, showers, combs, brushes, little scrubby implements, etc.

    Leaping the chasm of logical dissonance … from a site that purports to be a resource for online learning ….

  15. Kate Says:

    I was once called “S****-for-brains” by a high school chemistry teacher for doing poorly in his class… when I had missed 3 weeks of school for medical reasons and he had not sent me any of my homework!

  16. Anonymouse Says:

    But if she had a spotless teaching record, why fire her for something completely unrelated to her work? (Sure, she used a school computer, but really…?)

  17. Steve Says:

    I’d do it.

  18. Surprised Says:

    Great! Thank you for sharing! Makes the usual “high school hell” seem fairly pleasant.

  19. Alanna Says:

    There was a rumor that my seventh grade keyboarding teacher was fired for watching porn on her computer during her plan period. Supposedly she was caught by a student or some such.

    At that same school was a teacher who made a bet with a student that if he were to make a perfect score on his physics quiz that the teacher would buy him a beer. The student actually did so said teacher bought him a non-alcoholic beer and gave it to him in class.

  20. Tonya Says:

    Gary!!!! That’s my boyfriends next door neighbor his beard is still going strong!!!!!

  21. Jenny Says:

    One time I caught a 50yr old science teacher taking a dump in a plastic bag in his back office. When I came in the class and saw him, he got startled and shut the door. He told me later that it was for ‘an advanced anatomy class’ and not to tell anyone about it. Obviously it wasnt adding up, so I told a dean what I saw but nothing ever happened! I guess either they didnt believe me or shitting in a bag isnt against school code.

  22. Janet Says:

    Reminds me of my teacher in high school who, among other things, pronounced the word “oxygen” with a hard “g” – like “oxygun.” He was a coach teaching driver’s ed, but the dumb oaf had no business teaching anything given his education.

  23. Metalwork student Says:

    My story beats all this… Our metal work shop teacher, (we called him “Tin Head”) got mad at a student who wasn’t paying attention to him. He picked up another students soft fabric pencil case and through it at this student. The pencil case however contained a compass. You know the type with a pencil on one leg and a point on the other for drawing circles. Anyway the compass stuck into this guys face at an angle and is just hung there with the guy screaming. Tin Head near s**t himself. He rushed over to the guy who by now had blood running down his face. They couldn’t figure which way to pull the pencil case to get the compass out of his face. Turns out it was jammed into his cheek bone. Tin head and student both went to hospital to fix the problem. Tin Head didn’t lose his job but he never through anything at another student again. Now adays he would be charged I guess but that was back in 1975, Dublin Ireland. They got away with murder then.

  24. Dan Says:

    There are freaks everywhere. Bad things happen in all parts of life. School is no different, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. That’s just life. Besides, this is pretty blatantly aimed to advertise, in a way, the very same site it’s on. Brilliant. There are probably just as many horror stories about identity theft online as there are stories about schools, but we’re still here.

  25. Eddle Says:

    Everyone was fully determined on the fact my science teacher was a pedophile.

  26. Electronic Cigarette Says:

    Unbelievable stories. Today my daughter told me her substitute teacher didn’t show up for 3rd hour. He let the kids into the class and then disappeared. He was found later on campus drunk.

  27. Lets All Tell School Stories! Says:

    My mum got kicked out of her school by nuns. Her friend went to pick up their report cards but when she arrived the nuns told her to pass the message to my mother “[not to] bother coming back”.

  28. Leftoversushi Says:

    I went to public schools all my life and I never had anything like that happen ever. And those stories in China are bad examples. That’s a different country where they do things completely different (communism? Have you heard of it?) Completely biased article.

  29. Dave Says:

    The faked teacher shooting one was at a school less than a mile from my house… Caused quite an uproar, as you could imagine…

  30. chris hanson Says:

    Yeah, that is right, peddle your product through fear… excellent. Really makes me want to educate my child with your material.

  31. momo Says:


    My school had nothing this outrageous, but there was one teacher, a new guy, who couldn’t take the stress and ended up flipping out on one of his classes. Apparently he just walked in and started telling them off and calling them things like “little faggots” and such.

  32. Jay Says:

    I didn’t understand the one about the kid who called in the bomb threat. What difference does it make if he technically did it at 2 am instead of 3 am? If he did it, he did it… regardless of what time and regardless of the daylight saving’s time technicality… so he should’ve been in trouble for it anyway, right? What am I missing here?

  33. D* Says:

    My highschool’s current principal was fired from his last teaching job and put on probation for licking blood of students’ wounds…

  34. ross Says:

    my teacher wiped snot in my copies :(, he didnt like me very much..

  35. peter Says:

    We used to harass the teachers! Tacks on chairs, glued the chalk down. They hated our classes!

  36. Pedro Says:

    I once had a chemistry class that I attended 6 out of 89 classes. The teacher said if I passed the final exam, I’d pass the class. I passed the final. And failed the class.

  37. Dellaz Says:

    That is incredibly messed up, but my Religion teacher got fired because he was caught with a cheerleader uniform in his locker with stains on it…..guess what it was.

  38. Ronaldf Baro Says:

    School horror stories???!!!! Online schools can be a bit horrible also. I am a victim of one of the main ones both being a might expensive and very predatory in obtaining a student. From experience? I did the Kaplan thing. I begged them to please stay or to have an academic advisor on me because I didn’t want to fall through the cracks. Too many rules and regulations like: You have to pass the two first classes to get the finackal aid etc… What ever happened to going to school at my own pace which is what the online schools are supposed to promote? what a farce.

  39. i know who did it Says:

    the one in murfreesboro tennessee. i know who did it. it was my basketball coach. He wasn’t at practice for like a week.

  40. olstar18 Says:

    And home school is better even with the fact that there are many parents that are much worse than this. Fact not everyone should be around kids and many of these people have kids of their own.

  41. Anne Onymus Says:

    my 7th grade science teacher was staring at a girls shirt that said “lava lounge” on the front of it, the teacher asked the girl where the lava lounge was.

  42. waldo Says:

    wow! haha one of those was from my school!! that damn gorilla humpin drama teacher!! :D in 6th grade i had a teacher that pulled my hair one day. then the next day she jerked me up and escorted me to the hallway. then she proceeded to tell me that i was worthless pathetic and id never amount to anything, and i was nothing but white trash.. she got fired!

  43. 5inister Says:

    I am a male studing a degree in biology ant to ‘take one for the team’ to study sperm is very common, I’ve had to do it for celular biology and for embriology.

  44. Joe Says:

    I hope we didn’t all forget about my middle school principal…

  45. Mac Says:

    Wow, I wish i could have put up some of my horror stories,
    Like how my high school guidance councelor told me “just get your GED” instead of repeating french another year.
    Or how my middle school Gym teacher was a full blown pedophile and would frrquently make children”stretch” with himself placed directly behind them in a sitting position. (thank god i never forgot gym clothes, since these were the kids you had a privilege of his spooning fiesto.

  46. Priss Says:

    Out of curiousity, how is growing facial hair in any way unhygenic? I would assume being a professional, he has to wash it every day, just like anyone would do with hair in other locations of the body.

  47. BBmG Says:

    I had a schizo teacher that would ramble and rave about killing herself and students in the middle of class. When they tried to fire her, there was a big blowup, because she was mentally handicapped and stuff… Then she slapped as student and threw desks around while screaming.

    Long story short, she’s not teaching anymore. =/

  48. Online Schools | Criminal Justice Degree Says:

    [...] 20 Outrageous School Horror Stories, or Why You Should Consider … [...]

  49. Ura Karappy Site Says:

    What a stupid, self-serving website! Stupid stories. Of course — any and all professions have bad folks who do dumb things. Doctors, priests, ministers, volunteers, lawyers, judges, governors — all should be held to the highest standards and we often read of someone failing and doing illegal or dangerous things. That does NOT mean that everyone in that profession is a criminal or a fool. But you’ve selected a few horror stories about classroom teachers (you even had to go to China to find one!) and therefore, one must conclude (you hope), that all classroom teachers are poltroons and we’d all be better off and safer to do our learning on-line — perhaps with you or your sponsors???? Oh, dear, how freakin’ clever of you. Except there are loads of horror stories of people being abused and used because of online connections. How about listing an equal number of those? No, that won’t serve your propagandistic purposes, would it?

    Sod off!

  50. Eata Mya Shortsa Says:

    I know where the Lava Lounge is—- between that girl’s thighs? Was that the point of that posting? Whasssuppppp??????

  51. hedpe09 Says:

    hey id just like to say something about the dude with the beard, you’re gonna have it until the day you die im afraid, as bin laden? was, on the day of the 9/11 attacks, safe and secure being treated in an american embassy hospital, he did not cause the attacks, it was the american government itself, the towers fell from explosions from within side the towers, the pentagon was hit by a cruise missile, the american government doesnt want you to know about it but ive seen the proof and i know the truth, its time america opened their eyes and realised

  52. Krista Says:

    Oh man those are all messed up!

    My 6th grade Gym teacher was terrible! We once had to split in to small groups of 4 for valley ball. I wasnt on any team and when she asked me why I told her all of the kids said I sucked. Later she was watching me and came over and said “No wonder no one wants you on their team…you do suck!”. Thats not the only thing. In the same year we had to take partners. Me and 1 other kid didnt have a partner yet. He said he didnt want to be my partner cause i was fat. She said yes thats true and let him be on his own. Soo f-ed up!

  53. Mike Everyman Says:

    During my freshman year of high school, a gym teacher was caught by a bunch of students masturbating to hardcore pornography in his office before going to teach a class. He resigned in shame before he could be fired. I didn’t help that his name was Mr. Mayo.

  54. and so... Says:

    to leftoversushi: your biased ! or some little prep in a small town living off daddys money. Or perhaps lucky enough to grow up in these later years where laws were actually enforced.
    Growing up in the late 70′s and 80′s was a cruel time for many of us, teachers had the right to beat and utterly humiliate the children at any given. I’ve seen so much that I could fill pages. All done to no consequence. From Psychology teachers molesting girls to PE teachers beating kids with bats – gang riots – heroine – organized crime – all of it intertwined within the school system and authorities of a typical middle class town.
    yes, it’s much better now and most of these stories here are mere humor to me.

  55. Peter Says:

    @ Ura Krappy:

    Whoa, mellow… Ever hear of a list article? They’re supposed to be funny. Well whatever you do with yourself, you should probably stay away from For your own health.

  56. nananana Says:

    my middle school health teacher used to be a PE teacher, and apparently, he watched the boys pee and made the girls pick up pens. when I was in his health class, he danced in front of my desk. I can never hear “Rind Of Fire” by Johnny Cash ever again. *shudder*

  57. Ten Says:

    Jay – the kid didn’t make the bomb threat. Some other kid made the bomb threat, but because they had their clocks wrong, they ended up tracing the call to that kid instead of the one who really did it.

  58. Kevin Says:

    i had a teacher get fired for having sex with students . . . her son who attended the rival high school fifteen min away in the small mountain towns of northern arizona then threatend to kill the students who participated in the sexual actions with his MOTHER !!!! It was an on going thing and later the case pulled up she had been buying students alcohol that whole school year, there was also a rumor of her having an affair with the phys. ed director who was married with two kids in the school, one senior one sophmore !!!! Good Ole Show Low AZ !!!!! Go Cougars

  59. bs Says:

    bull fucking shite

  60. hinged_elephant Says:

    If there are no sources, don’t believe a word of it.

  61. Stesha Says:

    I had an English teacher who was suspended for beating a kid with a baseball bat… we knew he was a hothead but that was a surprise

  62. lewax00 Says:

    I had a teacher that tried to accuse me of slander because I corrected her in class (and I was correct, I had multiple sources to back me up including from right out of the text book we were using). Not to mention a few other detentions for correcting teachers.

    Got a detention once for no reason at all, the teacher even said so. She said something along the lines of it being my turn, which is so unfair to everyone else who didn’t get a turn.

    Had a math teacher who was a former Christian missionary, who preached about how Disney is evil and is responsible for all the evil in today’s society.

    The principal at a school I went to constantly went out of her way to harass
    me. She wasn’t directly fired, but the school refused to renew er contract for the next year.

    I went into the nurse one day because I was having difficulty breathing. She told me to “stop faking it” and sent me back to class. Ended up in the emergency room later that day.

    And that’s not even all of it.

  63. katie Says:

    When I was in 10th grade one our guidance counselors slammed a kid up against a wall and split his lip and eye open. He slammed the kid up against the wall because he had his hat on and he was told to take it off. When he said no he was slammed against the wall and he got punched. I actually had to testify in court about it because I saw it happen. He was fired and had to pay the kid and his family a lot of money.

  64. Megan Says:

    A biology teacher at my high school was fired for growing marijuana in his garage claiming it was an “experiment”. He was also known to sell to students and come high to class. Then another science teacher was asked to take her retirement early because some students found a vibrator in her desk drawer that had gone off several times.

  65. Teachers Behaving Badly | TV Mole Says:

    [...] Ace Online Schools has a list of 20 teaching misdemeanors, ranging from a teacher who openly snorted cocaine in front of her class and another who accidentally browsed bondage on his computer, forgetting it was hooked up to a projector screen in front of his class. [...]

  66. Sam I Yamb Says:

    I saw these referenced at http://www.SubliminalMessages.Com and couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for the smiles.

  67. Gormless Says:

    I remember the first week at Catholic High School (waaaay back in the mid 70s) where our new Religious Education teacher (who doubled as an Art teacher) started the lesson with “if any of you have read Chariot of the Gods you’ll know that Jesus was probably a spaceman…” he then went on to talk about this for an hour. Cue 30 traumatised 13 year old christians and a new RE teacher for the next week..
    It’s the only RE lesson all my friends still remember :-)

  68. Flora Says:

    That last one about students donating sperm is just normal in my class. Although I’m a college student studying medical technology, everything happened the same way. My teacher asked our three male classmates to masturbate in a comfort room beside our laboratory classroom while we girls waited for them. It was pretty hilarious, but the guys were good sports.^_^

  69. Mannan Says:

    that was weird and insane…

  70. RageAgainstTheRobots Says:

    Well I’ve got a doozy of a list here, and I’m not even finished Highschool yet!

    In Grade 3 my Teacher had confiscated and later thrown out one of my favourite books because I was reading it in Class.

    Grade 6 I had my Teacher call my mom into a conference, and for TWO hours, lectured her about how much of a failure I was going to be and that I would die alone.

    My Grade 7 Teacher has been Arrested 3 times. Once of Indecent Exposure to a Minor, and Twice of Sexual Assault.
    He was fired, but I’m not sure if he was charged for the latest Sexual Assault Charge.

    Grade Eight the class EA Harassed me and then had me suspended when I told him to bite me. Luckily he was made t apologize at the risk of losing his job and we later got along.

    My Gr. 8 Teacher walked out one day and never came back, it took the school 3 days to realize we had no teacher.

    The Replacement Gr. 8 Teacher threw my desk at me while we were watching an 80s Cartoon of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe because I commented that Mr. Tumnus looks like Satan (He was a goatman painted Red, can you blame me?)

    In Gr. 9 My Religion Teacher kicked me out of class after 3 days because I told him to take his politics outside of the class and refused to acknowledge his title as ‘Dr.’ because its’ a P.H.D in Theology.

    My Gr. 9 Geography Teacher showed my class how to give good punches to the kidney and instructed us to give someone next to us one if they didn’t pay attention. A bunch of kids later gained up on one kid during lunch to practice, he had to go to the hospital.

    This same Teacher also beat me with my textbook because I fell asleep in class due to Insomnia, told the kids he paired me up in a group with that when we’re out in the park he won’t know if they do anything to me because he’ll not be around the area. (Kinda giving them the Ok to beat the living shit out of me as I’m not the most likable of Students.)

    My Gr. 10 Math and Science Teacher didn’t know how to teach either subject, resulting in a 60% failure rate in her Math Class and a 30% failure rate in her Science Class. I passed Science, Math was another Story.

    Instead of getting me help for Math, she kicked me out of her class because she thought I was unteachable, after two weeks the Resource Teacher finally talked her into putting me back into her class, but I was never able to catch up.

    The Two Geography Teachers in my Highschool are always stoned, its a known rule among the students that if you’re caught with weed, you better hope its one of them, you’re guaranteed to get away with just your weed confiscated because they keep it for themselves.

    The Brother to My Gr. 9 Religion Teacher I had for Gr. 10 Religion, is perhaps even worse, lying about basic facts of history, science, and politics to prove his views in the classroom that aren’t even related, I finally had enough and dropped his class midway. He sometimes tries to trip me if he walks past.

    I’ve only My Senior year and an extra semester of Catch up. I could probably double this list by the end of that.

  71. Peter Says:

    @ Rage: wow, you just provided an entire sequel to this article. I hope you’re blessed from this point on with cool college professors and extra-organized college roommates. At least the rest of the world isn’t like high school, unless you’re in Orange County.

  72. becca Says:

    I was born and raised in Greensburg, PA (bomb threat boy story) and now live about 15 minutes from Greensboro, NC (Conflict resolution teacher) I think i’m moving to Alaska (no stories from there, right)?

  73. MOOOOO Says:


    we had to watch three different versions of Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, mr.tumnus definately did look like satan

  74. Adam Says:

    Haha, one of my teachers smashed a metal tray into my face and chipped my tooth when I was younger. Of course, it was accident.

  75. Anon Says:

    My brother got punched in the face after school by a teacher when he was a freshman. Coincidentally the camera in that hallway just happened to not be on that day lol (coverup anyone) He paid for it though.

  76. Alybug Says:

    WOW! I live in Pensacola, FL! I’ve never heard of that story, though….

  77. MM Says:

    In my 9th grade PE class we were made to go outside and run around the track for a certain amount of time. A lot of the kids didn’t take it seriously and walked instead. When we got back inside, our teacher lectured us on how “We weren’t following directions and being lazy” and such. Then she pointed at a rather large (but extremely nice) girl in our class named Elizabeth, and said, “I can see why someone like Elizabeth would walk, but for the rest of you, it’s unacceptable!” I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped open. I couldn’t believe she said that. Poor Elizabeth must have felt horrible! A teacher should never single out a student because of their weight. I really, really wanted to confront our teacher after class about what she had said, but chickened out last minute because she was so mean and I was scared of her. Even now, four years later, I still regreat not confronting her.

    Also, my sixth grade block teacher was fired because she was found stashing booze in her desk and apparently kept showing up to work drunk. I do remember that her eyes were always bloodshot and she always seemed disoriented. I just thought she was a ditz, I had no idea she was drunk.

    At that same middle school, one of the male PE teachers told my friend to take off his yarmulka saying, “I won’t have any of that Jew stuff at MY school!” There was a huge uproar, and he got a verbal slap on the wrist, but no actual punishment of any kind.

    In my 10th grade weights lifting class, our male teacher always stood right behind us girls when we did the squats. When he was showing everyone where to do their excercises, he said, “Ladies, you can do your hip twists right here next to my desk.” Needless to say we stayed far, FAR away from his desk. The final straw was when he actually stroked my hair one day. My hair was all the way down to my butt at the time. I immidiately told my counselor, but she told me that he was “Just from an older generation” and to ignore it. I quickly transfered to another class.

    It would seem that the moral of the story is to be wary of PE teachers.

  78. Noah Says:

    This isn’t too terrible, but still…

    In 3d grade, my teacher made the class run laps if one person angered him. If you slacked off, he made the whole class write a sentence 500 times. Even worse, in the winter (it gets really cold here) he would not let us put on a coat.

  79. aasetron Says:

    first of all, im sorry most of you had a horrible time in public schooling but, all in all it works for most students. think…if you where left allone with your mother or one else person to teach you…how would you get the personal skills to acctually talk to someone other than that person?

  80. brandon Says:

    wow thats nuts i had a teacher who sent pic of his penis to a girl…. that girl happens to my ex even look up sitting bull middle school gym teacher arrested

  81. Jens Says:

    In Denmark a Biology teacher also asked for volunteers for a sperm donation for study purpose, And with no issues about it at all.

  82. Paul French Says:

    Reading all your superfail comments about how you had “this and that” happen to you while you were in school is hilarious. I’m in school to become a teacher now, and I can tell you that you probably deserve to be in these online classes. Face it. You fail. Failed at the public school system of America, which is a joke, I’ll admit. However those teachers that you gloried in antagonizing with your prepubescent bullshit are hard-working, compassionate people, and It’s not that THEY couldn’t teach you, It’s that YOU wouldn’t learn. Enjoy minimum wage kids.

  83. 30 Awesomely Bad School Portraits - Worst Class Photos | - Online Education Says:

    [...] of the major advantages of going to school online — besides avoiding stories like these — is that there’s no yearbook and thus no school portrait capturing the awkwardness [...]

  84. Willima Watsun Says:

    This is entirely BS

  85. Bea Says:

    My 8th grade English teacher showed us the scars from her boob job. With the boys right up in the front row. She also told me I’d fail and work as a prostitue forever. She called me and my friends “nerds” and “bitches”, before laughing and telling us to calm down. She was fired at the end of that year :D

  86. Shuffle Says:

    To Paul French.

    Your job is (or soon will be) to teach a huge variety of kids, including the retards, fuck-ups, lazies and bullshitters. If they end up in minimum wage jobs, you fail harder than them, because you never found away of making your learning environment engaging.

    Last year the 30 young men and women from my tutor group 26 managed to get a place in a decent university, and all passed their A-Levels with A-C grades.

    One of the students took a job immediately as an understudy in a solicitors, one went off to do a coaching qualification, and the other 2 went on to jobs in IT and music.

    My class were random students in a public sixth form college.

  87. kanak Says:

    how can a man live without shaving ??????????and how can his wife survive of it?????????
    ( teacher refuses to shave)

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  93. Conroy Says:

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  95. 30 Awesomely Bad School Portraits - Worst Class Photos | Ace Online Schools Says:

    [...] 23rd, 2010 Tweet One of the major advantages of going to school online — besides avoiding stories like these — is that there’s no yearbook and thus no school portrait capturing the awkwardness [...]

  96. ESN Interactive Says:


  97. cpascal Says:

    This article shows just how many dysfunctional people are in the schools, and it barely makes mention of the massacres that happen every now and again. There’s a movement going on for the “separation of school and state,” and it makes one wonder if it might be an idea to finally abolish the public school system. They always have been a toxic environment, and now that there are so many alternatives, it might be time to finally save the billions of dollars that they cost every year.

  98. Walter Kovacs Says:

     I’ve never been one to defend public schools, but that has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

  99. Buck Sexington Says:

    The only reasons why you should take online classes are to get ahead in curriculum and/or avoid extreme social problems. Excluding yourself or your child from public schooling PURELY out of fear of ridiculous stories highlighted by the media is irrational, unless you aren’t a fan of childhood memories. 

  100. Lildub123321 Says:

    this is amazinggg!

  101. Sevenone_40jhs Says:

    it’s amajing!!

  102. Squeaky Says:

    When I was in high school the wrestling coach had us play some disorganized basketball. It was more of a “body contact” game, to make me let go of him he held my testicles and of course i let go. Later he would use me for demonstrations (something probably not a good idea), he ended up lying n top of me just a little too long. I look back and wish I had turned him in. He would tell questionable jokes in the classroom as well. When I did not laugh at his sick jokes, he told me to get out. So i did of course. He had told a gifted wrestler exactly the same thing a year earlier. He left too. The next morning, the regular football/wrestling coach saw the student in the hall and called out his name. He was back on the team that afternoon. I was quite sure the armhole was really a homosexual.

  103. Kati Says:

    Really, people should just watch teachers. If your kid says something is up PAY ATTENTION. My sixth grade teacher bullied me and would reward students who did the same. She caused me to fail that grade, even though I knew the material. My mom didn’t believe me, and it caused issues.

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